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   One notices that Caillaud of Angers was interested in the numerous artistic tendencies that he crossed. The work is made of analyses, by avoiding calcifying the expression of the instinctive feeling which provokes the necessity to paint.
In a return on great subjects, he shows us a way to follow in this end of century. A representation made of signs contained in a geometrical group. As a matter of fact the suite of the great: Picasso, Braque, Kandinsky.

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1911 : Louis Caillaud's birth on December 27, in La Gaubretière (Vendée)

1927-1930 : Beautiful arts of Angers (1-st price for the department). Stock exchange of study for the Art college of Paris.

1932-1934 : Courts of Montparnasse, Great Thatched cottage, Calarossi, exhibitions of pictures galleries, meetings with contemporary artists. Studies Matisse's works, Picasso, Rouault... Study in the Louvre.

1937 : Discover Picasso's " Guernica ".

1938 : Named professor of drawing in the Cognac school.

1945 : Stay to Collioure

1953 - 1955 : Angers: Exhibitions of the " Green Christ " who makes scandal, abstract and representational studies, Meets with Villon's work.

1956 -1957 : expressionist and the pessimistic. Gallery Benezit, street of the Seine, Paris Regent - street, London.

1958 -1960 : Evolution towards a symbolism of synthesis expressionist. Salon of the Great and young of today. Spain (Prado). Purchase city of Paris. Salon Independents.

1961 -1962 : surrealist Expression. Study ( Odillon Redon ) Peniscola (Spain) Scenes of biblical appearances. Landscapes burned by the sun. Gallery Madeleine Rauch in Paris.

1963 -1965 :
Compositions to hieratic persons. Synthesis of forms, Gallery Gérard Morgue, Paris, Picadilly, Gallery, London.

14 Oil paintings on line

1966 -1971 : at the Beginning great watercolours (The Gardens of Life). Exhibition of group New-york. Pittsburg. personal exhibition in the Lodging house of the Lady de Montsoreau, personal exhibition in Villeneuve-sur-Lot's cultural centre, exhibition in the Romanic church of Saint - Sauvent the (Charente), exhibition Vincennes's cultural centre

16 Watercolours to discover

1972 : Aspect of stained glasses by the contrast of overalls and red. Gallery Cardo-Matignon. Paris Personnages biblical in a garden of Eden.

1973 : Creation of the group " Figures and Synthesis " First exhibition has Angers. The beginning of the subject " game with the bird " and ". Conception abstracted from the human show ( new lyric figure)

1974 -1975 : Gallery Kontsalong Goteborg in Suede. At the beginning "Lovers". Stay in the Antilles. Golden medal of the City of Cognac. Cultural centre of the city of Troyes. Member of the Autumn salon, Member of the Salon of Painting in the Water. The representation of synthesis persists, leaving of existing forms, but intellectual towards the abstract.

1980 -1982 : Gallery Konsalong in Villeneuve-sur-Lot's Göteborg Musée. Expression is free, the colour is for satisfaction. Effects kinetics appear. Light transported by the colour divides up sometimes without worrying about the presence of the man which appears in the composition to become integrated perfectly into it Gallery M Garnier in Paris. Silver medal in Quebec. Second Salon of Angers in City hall. Exhibition in the Local Educational Centre of Documentations. Participate in the Salon of Saint - Emilion

16 Watercolours to discover

1983 : 2-nd Salon of Figures and Synthesis ( 20 works) . Les Salons Parisiens. 2 ème pictures galery of Angers. Figures and objects dressed in sun plan light towards the spectator, it is period apocalyptic meadow .Début works of the Apocalypse.

16 Watercolours to discover

1984 : 3-rd Salon of Angers. Study for the Apocalypse .Les great watercolours were quite executed to Peniscolas under the 40-th parallel and the same light that in the ile Patmos .Début of the realization of 40 great pictures.

1985 : 3-rd exhibition Figures and Synthesis. Exhibition of group in the conference hall of the Great Clod .Les salons Parisiens. Finish of great paintings on Apocalyse (40 paintings and 45 watercolours) of which presentation to the public Angevin taken place in September in the Abbey of Ronceray in Angers. (Exhibition organized by the city of Angers).

The Apocalypse of Saint-Jean The Apocalypse of Saint-Jean The Apocalypse of Saint-Jean The Apocalypse of Saint-Jean The Apocalypse of Saint-Jean

1986 : Exhibition of the Apocalypse in the church Dominican of Osnabrûck in Germany and Payerne's abbey church in Switzerland(Swiss).

1987 : Exhibition of the Apocalypse in the salons of the home St Aubin in Angers (in front of castle) Exhibition, Watercolours of Apocalypse in Peniscola ( Spain's ) castle .Invité of honor in biennal International of the Non-leaded stained glass of Sacred Art of Lourdes. Exhibition of three pictures of the Apocalypse in the museum - Dames de Lourdes.

1988 : Label of the mission of the Bicentenary " Fresco of the Bicentenary of the French Revolution and rights of Man on 1788 - 1794 ". Exhibition from December 18 till January 12, 1989 in Marly-le-Roi's city hall.

1989 : Price Jean Miller of the Non-leaded stained glass of Tours on March 2, 1989. Biennial International of Sacred Art of Lourdes (in March). French Revolution, exhibition in the Conference hall of the Grande Motte (a July - August). Salon of Big Autumn Palace in Paris.

1990 : Exhibition in the Gallery Cliff of Erigné, Hotel deVille of Descartes (Guest of Honor) in the Gallery Léa Lemoine to Lorient. " New Republic " Tours (NON-LEADED STAINED GLASS). Exhibitions in Paris in the Great Palace .Dessins and Paintings in the Water. ART-EXPO-TOKYO. Gallery Guémard to Blaison. Autumn salon in Paris (Art and Eroticism). Salon of Angers. Axelles. Nantes. Villevêque. Gallery Marie-Thérèse Cochin in Paris. Payerne's museum in Switzerland(Swiss).

1991 :
Autumn salon of Paris. Two pictures will be executed for edition of the book "DIFFERENCE" collection of poems written by children war orphans and by children Handicapped persons, Salon of Angers, Villevêque's salon.

The Chant of Chants (12 works to discover)

1992 - 1993 : On 1993: Great Palace in 3-rd Paris Salon International on the Music. Exhibition in the Museum of Notre Dame de Lourdes, Villevêque's salon. New Republic of Tours. Gemmail of Tours Preparation of the "Song of Songs".

The Chant of Chants (12 works to discover)

1994 : Autumn salon of Paris. Press release in preparation of the discount of the Golden easel on 1994, Presentation in the church Beaucouzé of the virgin and the Child, work of the "Song of Songs". Invited of honor to the 4-th Salon International Contemporary on the Music. Villevêque's salon. Salon 49 Regards organized by the Inn to the Poets and discount of the 17-th Golden easel for Caillaud of Angers. Gallery Toussaint in Angers. Personal presentation in the Logis la Forêt of the "Song of Songs". Invited of Honor in exhibition of the armies to Vincennes, with " the grip of the Battle and the Holiday of the Union ", pictures extracted from the group of the Fresco on the rights of the Man. Exhibition of group in the Temple " JYOSENJI in the NIKAKAI (*). The end of the "Song of Songs" 45 pictures and 100 sketches in drawing watercolours. Portrait of the mayors of Angers from 1475 (Guillaume de Cerisay till then daytime).

( *Club friends of Europe and Arts " INTL ARTS COUNCIL in JAPAN)

1995 : Presentation in the municipality of Beaucouzé. of the entitled picture " The Children of the World " that Caillaud of Angers with fact gift(donation) to symbolize the associations of protection and of childhood in five continents .Réalisation of 20 abstract pictures integrated in "Songs of Songs" and edition of the book. Project of compositions on the subject " Women and Bulls ".
Edition Patmos to Dusseldorf collected in a work of entitled art: " APOCALYPSE Caillaud's modern version of Angers in 40 full reproductions pages colours.
Exhibition in Payerne ( Switzerland's museum on the Song of Songs.)

Bulls in Majesty - 12 works...

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The TIME of CATHEDRALS: 10 abstract works CAILLAUD's dreams OF ANGERS become pictures and poems for Francine CARON THE DIAMONDS OF THE SLATE: 10 Abstract Works.

1996-1997 : Exhibitions of the pictures of the "Chant": Galleries Zabbeni to Vevey - Lausanne (Swiss). At the beginning of realization of the Tapestries of the Apocalypse. Biennal of Nantes, Salon of Angers, Biard handicapped person's salon, Exhibition of the Chant to Marly-le-Roi

1998-2000 : Exhibition in the Museum of Saint - maxim and in the Mont-Saint-Michel (sanctuary), in Cherbourg, Cholet, Autumn salon in Paris, Salon of Angers. Paintings on the subject "Bulls in Majesty" and abstracted studies 40 pictures on subjects: "The Diamonds of the Slate" and "The Time of Cathedrals".
Exhibition in Trillenium in Brussels


Autres Thèmes d'expositions CAILLAUD D'ANGERS

Exposition à la Galerie Eric CHESNAIS,
35, rue du Bercail - 61000 ALENÇON du 18 mars au 19 avril 2006